For Himeji Kurozan

Bring out the charm of natural leather "tanning of technology" and "tough coating technologies that take advantage of the beauty of the leather of Gin-men" It is a work of art that is made from two of the technology.

Himeji Kurozan leather, made from Japanese Kuroge Wagyu cattle, combines the traditional Japanese techniques of tanning and lacquering. Kurozan, also known as the “Black Diamond of Leather,” is a beautiful type of leather that appears to be strewn with a countless number of small diamonds. Because of its strong resistance against friction, today it is utilized in martial arts equipment such as chest and trunk protectors for Kendo. It is said that this leather was used to make armor and helmets for generals during the Sengoku (Warring States) Period.

Production of Kurozan leather

SAKAMOTO CORPORATION carries out the entire production process spanning from tanning to processing. All fur is removed from rawhide of Kuroge Wagyu, which is then tanned to a white color and soaked in plant tannins. We have used this tanning technique for nearly 10 years. Next, the leather is soaked in liquid iron. The liquid itself is not black, but the tannins and iron have a chemical reaction that dyes the light-brown leather to a black shade.

Kurozan leather Working process

Kurozan leather Working process

The texture of Kurozan leather includes embossed, hand-rubbed and KIWAMI types. Lacquer is repeatedly applied to the bumpy texture by hand and then dried. These multiple layers of lacquer create a sense of luster and volume, and also enhance the glossiness of the black color. Only a small amount of rare Kurozan leather can be completed via labor of this sort. Even a dedicated craftsman can only make around 20 pieces per month.

Kurozan leather Working process

Kurozan leather for the『KIWAMI』

At the 2014 Hong Kong Asia Pacific Leather Fair-Materials, Manufacturing & Technology Exhibition (APLF-MM&T), Himeji Kurozan leather KIWAMI was the first Japanese product to win the Best New Leather Prize. In this tanning technique, the leather is not only kneaded by hand but also processed in other ways to create a bumpy texture. To make this Japanese leather—based on the principle of “fluidity and immutability”—we utilize the lacquer’s characteristic drying and hardening properties and leverageour tanning and lacquering techniques to draw out the leather’s charm to the maximum degree. The judges praised the usage of traditional leather, which has existed since the time of Samurai, in the realm of contemporary fashion such as bags, shoes, etc.



Below, was conducted in April 7, 2014 "Industrial Labor Department, International Bureau, International Economic Division kawachi Hideaki-like" Is generated by the press release.

Sakamoto Corporation (Himeji city black leather shallow operators) Hong Kong For "Best New Leather Award" award

Through April 2 from 3 May 31 2014, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center "leather In materials and manufacturing technology exhibition 2014 ", Hyogo Prefecture, Hong Kong economic exchange office was Himeji city of support Because "Sakamoto Corporation" was awarded the "Best New Leather Award" in the Exhibitors contest, I will inform you the overview. Hiroshi Sakamoto Sakamoto Corporation representatives, for this award, "technology inherited from his father and, And are intended to Hyogo Himeji traditional technology was recognized as the world's top, not withstand the inspiring "the child We have instruments.

1.For "Best New Leather Award" award

1. To greet the 30th in this year "leather materials and manufacturing technology exhibition" is, exhibition of leather materials and products Is a business meeting, and the world's largest with respect to material. Contest material eight fields, goods 10 In the field, jury evaluates the about 1,200 exhibitors, and awarded the grand prize in their respective fields. Its "Best New Leather Award" is also in in has become a best positioned.

2.Sakamoto Corporation, and as it was this time exhibitors by selection of Japan leather industry Federation, Japan bill Table of Sakamoto Corporation was awarded the highest prize in the world's largest leather exhibition.

3.In the story of Japan leather industry Association, the Europeans are proud of the strength for the material field, Rather Awards in the past in the exhibitors by selection, mediation of the Federation, as Japanese companies Sakamoto Corporation is the thing with the first award.

【Overview of Hong Kong "leather materials and manufacturing technology exhibition"】
○ Inaugural year:1984year年
○ Exhibitors scale:About 1,200 companies
○ Visitor:About 20,000 people

2.About Sakamoto Corporation

Hiroshi Sakamoto Sakamoto Corporation representative, has been used as a material for armor and kendo armor torso chest than predecessor Is a third-generation craftsman who inherit the Himeji Kurozan leather making techniques, and only exist now to make the leather Ringing is. In Japan, Hyogo Prefecture Governor Award, and many of you, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry manufacturing industry Director Award It has won the award, has been aimed that the technology is recognized in the world.

【Sakamoto Corporation (founded 1923)】
○ Representative:Hiroshi Sakamoto
○ Street address:Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture Hanadachoogawa 367-1
○ Contact information:(TEL)+81-(0)79-252-3050 (FAX)+81-(0)79-252-8717

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