Sakamoto Corporation’s dedication to craftsmanship

Based on Kurozan leather’s historical background and the unique qualities of this material, we intend to showcase the concept of “The Japanese Leather” and increase recognition via a proactive approach that includes industries in which this brand—which has been developed together with the products—has not been handled before.
In this way, we will explore new possibilities for leather and leather goods.
We will dedicate efforts to making Himeji Kurozan into a Japanese brand that can be shared with the world, hoping to create a brand that is highly evaluated in the market and inspires people to want to own it.

All processes are completed in house!

To create the ideal Kurozan leather, it is necessary to produce a leather base that matches well with lacquer and allows for the best lacquer application.
The ideal Kurozan can only be manufactured with thorough knowledge of the special characteristics and physical properties of both the leather and lacquer.

Eco Leather Certification

We have produced leather that is kind to people and nature via environmentally friendlytanning techniques that use as few chemicals as possible.

Eco Leather Standard Certificate

Himeji Black Leather black
Himeji Black Leather indigo
Himeji Black Leather kakitsubata
Himeji Black Leather jewelgreen
Himeji Black Leather scarlet

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