Himeji Kurozan leather. We will exhibit at Fashion World Tokyo.

We’re “Sakamoto Corporation,” a Japanese leather manufacturer.

This time, we are exhibiting our materials and products as a leather material maker.

Our brand name is “Himeji Kurozan.”

We have combined traditional Japanese techniques of tanning and lacquering to create “Kurozan Leather,”

which is also known as “Black Diamond of  leather “

It is beautiful leather that shines as if diamond grains are sprinkled over it.

We have won numerous awards in Japan.

We’re the first Japanese company

to win Hong Kong APLF, Grand Prix, and France’s PV Handle Award,

and our leather technology is globally-recognized.

We are the first-class leather company.

We have a lot of leather products developed for fashion.

So, I’d like to guide you through our booth and have you enjoy them.

Our booth number is A-8-6.

I’ll look forward to having you with us there. 


We will provide you with a special “electronic invitation ticket (e-ticket)” that allows you to enter for free.

You can enter the exhibition hall by holding the “two-dimensional code” described in the e-ticket below over the automatic reception.

■ Use an exhibition invitation ticket (e-ticket)